Monday, 2 July 2018

New Designers 2018 #ND18

Looking forward to exhibiting at New Designers this week! Post-submission Escape Zone 3000 has had some very minor changes, specifically aimed towards the music & the SFX.
I have my business cards ready and some small prints of the Footloose inspired poster I created earlier in the year...I am ready! #ND18

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Major Project - Reflective Statement

Post minor submission, there was a hint of anxiety in the pit of my stomach knowing that my film should/would be finished and available for people to see. Such a feeling gave me a real push to make the film as good as it can be in the remaining time left on the course.
My plans for the major project were to animate, render, and start and finish post production, which I successfully achieved.
Animating was a great experience, overall it took about three months but it felt like 3 weeks, it was a lot of fun bringing the character I had designed and developed a story for to life. I was pleased that rendering went smoothly, it was the one thing I worried about the most as it was out of my hands and I knew it would take the most time to complete. However, I kept to schedule and in-between animating I was able to get certain shots rendered through the night.

a BIG part of the major project was collaborating with composer Jeffrey Wang. Jeffrey was a pleasure to work with, he was always open to ideas and opinions which made working with him fun as opposed to being a daunting experience. I am very pleased with how the music has turned out, it is the perfect blend of sound and theatricality that I had in mind. I look forward to working with Jeffrey in the future.

One of the final things I had to do was edit the film together. Which I absolutely LOVED. I have always loved editing and this project didn't change that, if anything it made me appreciate it more, the time and effort that can be put into a single shot to give the best performance I feel has shone through within my final film.
Being at UCA and on this course has helped me to fully realise the career path I want to follow. I want to be a director. I have always appreciated films, the way they are made, the cinematography, editing and so on. I've always looked up to directors as creators with a wide scope of talent. The ability to be at the driving seat of a large production and trust both yoursef and the people working alongside you, is something I am striving towards. Since the final hand-in I have already started laying the ground work for a couple of ideas I have had stored as notes on my phone and I look forward to progressing with these in the future, my plan is to get the help of my fellow peers who want to develop their skills further and create fun and exciting animations.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Escape Zone 3000 VFX/Video Ageing

Whilst I await the arrival of the final soundtrack for Escape 'Zone 3000' I wanted to show a quick breakdown of the FX used to make the animation look like a VHS tape.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Shadows...Before and After

To keep my blog a bit more active I wanted to show a quick change I've made during the post-production period of my project. The picture above is an example of one of these changes. This shot had been rendered about a week or more ago and overtime I looked at it I felt like something looked odd...the shadows! So, I went back into the file and re-rendered a new set of shadows and voilĂ  an updated scene that looks, in my opinion much better!